Advantages of Saltillo Tile

Advantages of Saltillo TileMany people wonder what the advantage of have Saltillo flooring is? Well there are several advantages to using Saltillo tiles.

Tile flooring has the advantage of helping people who have allergies as it does not trap as much dust and dander as carpet.

Saltillo tile will last much longer than carpets, linoleum, and even some wood floors.

Environmentally Friendly
Saltillo tile is all natural as it is made from clay found in the Northern Mexico area of Saltillo. After he clay is formed into tiles, it is dried in the sun and then fired in kilns or caves. Occasionally, they will have the footprint of a dog or child which makes for a wonderful conversation piece in your living room.

Variety in Color
There is a great variety in the colors of the tiles depending on the positioning of the tile in the kiln.

Cooler In the Summer
Anyone who lives in a hot climate like Arizona knows that tiles help keep your house cooler.

Easy to Care For
Because Saltillo of the color of Saltillo Tile, it tends to hide the dirt. But even when it needs to be cleaned, a quick sweep or vacuum is generally all that’s needed. In the event you do need to mop Saltillo Tile, you can just use water, diluted vinegar (1 part vinegar to 10 parts water), or a floor cleaner made for clay tiles.

Re-seal to Restore Shine
If you wish to restore the original shine of your Saltillo tile, you can reseal it every year or two. However, re-sealing is optional and you may not even need it except in high traffic areas.

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