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Variety of Saltillo Tile for Flooring

One of the great things about saltillo tile is its uniqueness. Each tile is hand-made and no two tiles are alike. There are many reasons for the color variations between tiles. The tiles are fired in a caves or kilns and as the oxygen is depleted, the fire seek other sources of fuel which it find in the iron oxide in the clay tiles. This process flashes the tile and leaves a light buff color on the tile. Other parts of the tile are shielded by other tiles, also contributing to the different coloring. Occasionally a color additive is added as well to produce a wider variety of tile.

The tiles can also be created in a variety of shapes and sizes. Please enjoy the pictures below which demonstrate the differences between tiles when used for flooring.

Tile Not Just For Flooring

When people think of tiling and saltillo tile, the generally think of using the tile for flooring. But in fact there are a wide variety of uses for tile. The decorative tile can be used for counters, walls, exhaust fan covering, pool decking, art framing, or just about anything you can think of. Please enjoy this slideshow of different uses for tiling and saltillo tile. If you would like to order or need more information regarding saltillo tile, please visit http://www.saltillotile.com/.