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Outdoor Patio and Pool Tile Designs

While we have shown a lot of different design ideas on how saltillo tile flooring and decorative tile can improve the look of the inside of your home, don’t forget tile and stone can greatly enhance the outside areas of your home as well. Whether it’s using saltillo tile as your patio decking or using tiles to decorate your barbecue, tiling can create a great looking exterior for your family and friends to enjoy. Please take a look at these examples:

Saltillo Tile for your pool deck!

saltillo tile outdoor pool deckingWhile there are many uses for saltillo tile, on of our favorites is for pool decking.  Saltillo tile is perfect for giving your pool deck a unique and stylish look.  If you are considering remodeling your outdoor patio and pool deck area,  we strongly recommend using saltillo tile. If you have any questions regarding installation or how we can improve the look of your pool area, please contact us at 602.954.6272 for a free at-home consultation.